Types of Hot Water Systems

Types of Hot Water Systems

Types of Hot Water Systems

Choosing the right hot water system for your household is almost an art. Each and every case that we attend is slightly different. Tailoring for our customer’s needs is what we are experts at. We offer various brands, types of system and customised for the type of energy supply available to a household.

When it comes to picking out a hot water system, many people start by searching online. Unfortunately, this can be a rather daunting task unless one has had good training in the area. There are so many aspect that have to be thought of before choosing the correct system for your household. For example, the types of connection in the house, the age of the house including the age of pipework, household size, even number of taps in the house plays a role in the ultimate outcome.

The hot water system experts provided by us when a booking is made are all fully qualified and have a lot of experience in the selection process and installation of hot water systems. Moreover, we have experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for advice and job bookings. Most of our customers have us attend within the hour or at least on a same day visit with jobs completed on the same day as well.

Furthermore, we have ensured that all jobs completed will be fully warrantied under our company policy. This gives confidence to our customers that our plumbers will carry out their work to their best of their abilities the first time round. We are confident in advising customers that once they have booked our service, the job will be completed up to regulations and standard.

Besides that, we also want our customers to be able to use our services with the least amount of hassle and at a reasonable cost. As such, we are able to arrange for an interest free Certegy payment plan for almost all installation jobs. This means that supply of installation of hot water systems are never delayed for our customer which is particularly important especially in the colder winter months.

Amongst the types of hot water systems that we install include solar hot water systems, electric hot water systems, storage gas hot water systems, continuous flow systems and even heat pumps for hot water systems. Our plumbers also have access to numerous brands, sizes and customised  actionac.net hot water systems to best fit our customer’s needs. When we have a plumber attend customers can be sure that they will have the job completed at the highest standards and to best suit the household.

Besides carrying out the standard supply and install or repair of a hot water system, our plumbers always ensure that the system is working properly before leaving white lilac site. They ensure that every tap in the house is functioning as it should and ensure the right amount of insulation is provided at each point. Many less experienced plumbers often check that the customer has received hot water but do not check that the hot water available is at the correct temperature. When one of our plumbers attends, they always take that one step further to ensure customer satisfaction.

Lastly, we believe that our customer should be able to choose who they would like work for them and the ultimate choice lies with them for supply and installation. As such, we offer services of several plumbing companies and do follow up on all jobs that are booked through us. Customer service and satisfaction is and always will be our number one priority.