Vulcan Gas Storage 641 Hot Water Heater

Vulcan Gas Storage 641 Hot Water Heater

Suitable for a residential family house, with outdoor installation and safety features the Vulcan Storage hot water unit is perfect for your home. Supplying for at least 2 bathrooms, your family will have hot water all day long. The unit is designed for connection to your mains water supply and can easily be recessed into a wall cavity or fitted flush against the wall. Vulcan water heaters and tough and durable, designed with high quality materials and strength steel to uphold the high temperatures or any rough weather conditions in your area.

Your family will never experience cold showers again, the Vulcan Storage unit heats the water and stores it inside insulated tank ready to be used. A burner inside the tank is used to heat the water and keep it warm for when you need it.



  • 7 year warranty
  • External installation
  • Natural and propane gas compatible
  • 4 Star rating
  • Compact design
  • High quality manufacturing



Height – 1558 mm

Width – 422 mm

Depth – 502 mm

Storage capacity – 135 litres

Weight – 59 kg

ECV setting – 1200 kpa

Hourly gas consumption – 27Mj (Natural or propane)

Gas connection – RP ½/15

Water connection – RP ¾/20

Relief valve setting – 1400 kpa

Max supply pressure:

With expansion control valve – 960

Without expansions control valve – 1120

High quality water heaters and proven performance is what makes these units a popular choice for Australian homes. Gas storage systems are known to have fast recovery times as gas is available 24/7 and save you money on your usual pricey gas bills. The Vulcan gas storage water heater is safe for the environment as it produces a low amount of greenhouses emissions.

In the unlikely event your unit fails, rest assured it will be easily repaired. Vulcan hot water system parts are easy to source and the units are efficiently repairable.