Rinnai Infinity 32 Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

Rinnai Infinity 32 Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

For large domestic houses the Rinnai 32 is a favourite. The water heater supplies an endless amount of hot water suitable for larger numbered families. The unit features a massive flow rate of 37 litres per minute. The Rinnai continuous flow hot water heaters never run out of hot water, while electricity, gas and water supplies are hooked up hot water is available on demand whenever any hot tap is functioned.

Rinnai hot water unit are all flued appliances, this allows for minimal wall and floor space. With the compact Japanese design the units disguise into your home. The systems sit sleek against the wall and have accessories to cover any exposed pipework.

The infinity 32 are perfect for family homes as they run quietly, this means no annoying sounds of a running motor or humming in the background of your house.




5.9 star rating

  • 12 year warranty
  • Low greenhouse gas emissions
  • Suitable for higher ambient water temperatures
  • Highly efficient and reliable
  • Precise controls for temperature, safety and convenience
  • Flexible installation
  • Low running cost
  • Quality Japanese design and manufacturing
  • Compatible with low flow shower fixtures (3 star – 7.0 to 9.0 litres/minute)



Height – 600 mm

Width – 470 mm

Depth – 240 mm

Factory default temperature:

50 or 60 degrees Celsius

Flow rate (litre/minute @ 25° rise):


Water pressure:

Maximum – 1000kpa

Minimum – 180kpa

Gas consumption MJ/h (high):


Minimum operating flow rate:




Connections sizes:

Gas – 20mm

Hot – 20mm

Cold – 20mm



Gas type:


Pre-set temperature:

50/60 degrees



Rinnai water heaters come engineered with the latest technology. The units feature status operation monitors, this allows you to view the workings the heater. The temperature will be displayed on this as well as any error codes in the event of an unlikely fault.

To protect your water heater the unit features a safety bracket which is quick and easy to install.