Rinnai Infinity 26i Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

Rinnai Infinity 26i Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

The Rinnai Infinity 26i gas hot water system is one of the best designed compact units that is capable of easily being installed internally almost anywhere within the home. This hot water system has low running costs low greenhouse emissions, high efficiency energy rating of 6.1 stars with a high quality Japanese design and manufacturing.

This Rinnai Infinity 26i hot water unit offers the customer reliability and performance that they can expect to meet all of their hot water demands within the home by providing a continuous flow of hot water through to multiple outlets of the home with no hassle at all if high demand of hot water is required all at once. The Rinnai 26i is the ideal unit for replacing an old internal storage cylinder hot water unit with today’s modern technology and sleek deign. This is the ideal unit for a lot of Australian customers!


Rinnai Infinity 26i hot water unit is worth its weight in gold and also comes with a multitude of accessories to further enhance the quality of this hot water system. The recess box can save space on external walls by fully concealing the water heater, finishing a neat and tidy finish to the home’s exterior. The flue director can be installed into areas with restricted ventilation like a balcony. The pipe cover allows the plumbing work underneath the Rinnai unit to be concealed and provides a clean and smooth finish to the installation.

You can also secure your investment with a quick and easy installation of the security bracket and you can enhance your hot water heater experience with the addition of up to 4 temperature controllers that you can simply set your desired water temperature, turn on the tap and enjoy the beautiful hot water.

Rinnai have thought of everything with the 26i model and is a hot water unit that everyone should have in their homes!


  • Room sealed appliance with the co-axial flue system
  • Low running costs- more money savings
  • Highly efficient
  • Low greenhouse emissions- better for the environment
  • Quality Japanese design and manufacturing in Rinnai’s own high tech facility
  • High quality componentry engineered to last
  • Water heater status operation monitor
  • Precise temperature control for safety and convenience
  • Compact design for installation flexibility anywhere within the home
  • Suitable for higher ambient water temperatures
  • Compatible with low flow rated shower fixtures
  • 12 year warranty on heat exchanger


Dimensions (mm) : Height 600
Dimensions (mm) : Width 350
Dimensions (mm) : Depth 235-275
Colours White
Factory Default Temperature (Celsius) 50 or 60
Water Pressure (kPa) : Minimum 140
Water Pressure (kPa) : Maximum 1000
Gas Rate Min/Max (Mj/h) : NG 16/195
Flow Rate 25 Degrees C/Max : l/min 26/32
Star Rating 6.1* Equivalent
Connection Sizes Gas/Hot/Cold (mm) 20/20/20
Status Monitor Yes
Dimensions (mm) : Height Inc Brackets 641
Dimensions (mm) : Hot Water Outlet (From Wall) 91-131
Dimensions (mm) : Hot Water Outlet (Left from Centre) 110
Dimensions (mm) : Cold Water Inlet (From Wall) 70-110
Dimensions (mm) : Cold Water Inlet (Left from Centre) 27
Dimensions (mm) : Gas Connection (From Wall) 99-139
Dimensions (mm) : Gas Connection (Right from Centre) 89
Dimensions (mm) : Gas Connection Length (From Base) 41
Dimensions (mm) : Cold Connection Length (From Base) 51
Weight (kg)  21