Rinnai Infinity 20 Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

Rinnai Infinity 20 Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

Ideal for supplying 1-2 bathroom homes, the Infinity 20 gas continuous flow hot water system is perfect for smaller houses. With higher water ambient temperatures the unit is best suited for warmer states. Producing an efficient 24 litres of hot water per minute, you’ll never run out of hot water. The system heats the water on demand through as many outlets as you need at one time.

Not only does it supply endless hot water the unit itself is sleek in design to disguise into your home. The modern Japanese engineering ensures the unit is compact to take up minimal space yet also stylish. With a recess cover and colour matching pipe covers to conceal any exposed pipework. The heaters are power flued appliances, this makes them small in size allowing for minimal floor and wall space to be used.

The hot water heater is popular in family homes as it operates quietly meaning you won’t be hearing it running or heating up.




6.1 star rating

  • 12 year warranty
  • Low running cost
  • Highly efficient
  • Low greenhouse gas emissions (good for the environment)
  • Quality Japanese design and manufacturing
  • Temperature control for precise safety
  • Low flow shower fixtures compatibility (3 star – 7.0 to 9.0 litres/minute)
  • Flexible installation due to compact design
  • Suitable for higher ambient water temperatures



Height – 530 mm

Width – 350 mm

Depth – 194 mm

Colours – White

Weight – 15kg

Installation – External

Water pressure:

Maximum – 1000kpa

Minimum – 160kpa

Factory default temperature – 50/60 degrees Celsius

Connection sizes:

Cold – 20mm

Hot – 20mm

Gas – 20mm

Water connections:

Cold – 20 (3/4”)

Hot – 20 (3/4”)

Gas – 20 (3/4”)

Minimum operating flow rate – 2.4

Gas consumption – 160 MJ/h (high)

Gas type – NG & LP

The Rinnai Infinity 20 model comes equipped with a status operation monitor, this not only displays the temperature of the unit but helps with diagnoses in the unlikely event of a fault occurring due to visible error codes.

In order to protect your water heater, a security bracket will be easily installed.