Rinnai Hotflo 170L Gas Storage Hot Water Heater

Rinnai Hotflo 170L Gas Storage Hot Water Heater

The Rinnai 170 litre HOTFLO Gas unit can deliver generous amounts of hot water to multiple showers and taps without loss of pressure. And thanks to its fast recovery system, it can deliver up to 257 litres in the first hour.

This storage hot water unit is 4 star energy efficient and has much lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to other brands and models of hot water systems. Another advantage of this unit being gas is that there is no time-of-day tariff issues with gas. This means that the Rinnai gas storage unit does not need to be as large, because the gas burner can operate whenever required.

Also if you decide to choose a Rinnai gas storage hot water system, you can choose one no matter where you live because they are available in both natural and LPG gas models.



  • First hour delivery capacity* – 257 litres
  • 4 Star energy rating
  • Storage capacity – 170 litres
  • Vitreous Enamel lined steel tank adds durability for a longer life
  • Inbuilt anode protection extends the life of the tank
  • Pressure temperature relief valve
  • External use only
  • Available in Natural Gas
  • Thermostatically controlled with safety temperature shut off for added peace of mind
  • 45°C temperature rise, 15°C cold supply temperature


  • Gas Consumption (Mj/h) 20.5
  • Weight (Empty) 83kg
  • Relief Valve Setting (kPa) 1000
  • Max water supply without ECV (kPa) 800
  • Max water supply with ECV (kPa) 680
  • Expansion Control Valve Setting (kPa – if required) 850
  • Recommended PLV (kPa – if required) 500
  • Water Connections RP 3/4 20mm
  • Rated Capacity (Litres) 170
  • Height – Hot Water Outlet 1616mm
  • Height – Cold Water Inlet 403mm
  • Height 1915mm
  • Gas Type Natural Gas
  • Water Capacity in First Hour (Litres) 257

So don’t delay, install a Rinnai 170L gas storage system today for all of your hot water needs to your home.