Rinnai FLOWMASTER 160L Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

Rinnai FLOWMASTER 160L Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

Rinnai understands that the demands and requirements for hot water throughout Australia varies, that is why they offer a huge range of models and sizes to suit your hot water needs for any time of the year.

The flowmaster range by Rinnai has a variety of sizes in small, medium and large capacities, form 25L all the way to 400L, therefore being a suitable size for any household requirement. The 160L Electric Storage Flowmaster belongs to the medium capacity range, and is a very efficient and effective system that meets any household demand for hot water across Australia and its families. This particular model is able to be installed either inside or outside of your home, and it suited to all Australian conditions.

Even if you think you may be able to install the unit yourself, do not. Always make sure to have a fully qualified tradesman to install the unit to ensure that it applies to all current safety standards and policies.

Regular services will keep your system working smoothly and will also ensure that it is up kept to safety standards.


Features of this model:

  • Suitable for either external or internal use
  • Allows an increase in flexibility during installation due to it being dual handed
  • A pressure temperature relief valve is included
  • Comes with a thermostat safety temperature shut off control
  • The life of the tank is extended due to an inbuilt anode
  • Durability is doubled due to vitreous enamel lining

Details of this model:

  • 1530 mm in height
  • 590 mm in depth
  • 515 mm in width
  • Full capacity is 176 L

Warranty on this model:

  • 7 year warranty on the cylinder
  • 1 year warranty for the labour and parts