Rinnai FLOWMASTER 125L Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

Rinnai FLOWMASTER 125L Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

Established in 1920’s, Rinnai is one of the largest top manufacturers for hot water systems out there, each component of their systems are designed specifically for them and always at top quality.

Keeping you in hot water all year round. The Rinnai 125 litre flow master is the hot water system for every need, for each house hold demand this medium capacity electric cylinder storage unit is the most effective and the most energy efficient unit Rinnai has. Lined with Vitreous Enamel it is both durable for indoor installation and outdoor installation. Designed with its dual handed capacity it allows for flexibility of an easy installation, it is visually appealing and has accessories that deter theft and allow for a comfort living situation for each individual.


This nifty flow master is fitted with a pressure temperature valve and thermostatically controlled with a safety temperature shut off, so the everyday user is comfortable and safe for a relaxing piece of mind.

Features and characteristics:

  • Vitreous enamel lines steel tank for added durability
  • Inbuilt anode protection extends the life of the tank
  • Dual handed, allows increased flexibility during installation
  • Pressure temperature relief valve included
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Thermostatically controlled with safety temperature shut off for added safety.
Storage capacity 125 litre
Tank diameter 515
Heating elements / kw 3.6
Weight (empty) 55kg
Height 1245
Outlets height 1020
Inlet height 225
Electric supply 240v
Relief valve setting (kpa) 1000
Expansion control vale setting 850
With expansion control valve 680
Without expansion control valve 800
Water connections Rp ¾ 20mm