RheemPlus Electric 315L Hot Water Heater

RheemPlus Electric 315L Hot Water Heater

If you’re looking for a hot water system with a large enough capacity for the whole family with additional safety features – Then look no further than the Rheem Plus Electric 315 Litre hot water system!

Rheem made their first hot water unit in 1939 and have since grown to become one of the largest hot water system manufacturers in Australia.  Rheem have become a trusted household name, with over 70 years behind them, they have continuously upheld their product quality and design to suit the ever changing Australian climate – with many different styles of hot water units available.


The RheemPlus Electric 315 Litre system features a mains pressure connection – So you can be rest assured that you will always have strong hot water pressure with every use. One of the other great features of this system is its set temperature of 50°celsius, which is a fantastic safety feature if you have young children or anyone that could potentially be at risk of an accidental burn. Most storage hot water heaters are set to a continuous heated temperature anywhere between 60 to 85 degrees – So in comparison you can see that this set temperature is much safer for families.

This hot water system is designed to save the customer money as it has been designed to be heated at off peak energy rates – which is great as you get the large storage capacity but save money that you can use on other things!

Below is a brief summary of the benefits of this unit;

  • Mains pressure — for hot water from multiple showers and taps at the same time.
  • Money saving — designed for off-peak energy rates.
  • Extra safety — a maximum 50°C temperature delivery1.
  • 7 year cylinder warranty*.

This Rheem system is made from steel that is lined in vitreous enamel – for the highest quality and the cylinder itself comes with a manufacturer included 7 year* warranty. This particular system is suitable for outdoor installation only and works by heating the water during set times – so the full 315 litre capacity will be kept heated for use during the day and will reduce overall heating costs as you’re not having to pay for the electricity to be constantly heating the water throughout the day.