RheemPlus Electric 250L Hot Water Heater

RheemPlus Electric 250L Hot Water Heater

The perfect electric hot water heater for families of 3-5 people or 2 bathrooms is the 250 litre Rheem plus storage unit.  The system is safe for all ages of the family as the unit will heat the water above 60 degress inside the tank but only produce water to your outlets at a maximum of 50 degrees. Water is heated and stored inside the enamel lined steel cylinder. The unit is suitable for outdoor installation unless equipped with a supply cord and plug in which case the system will be installed internally.

Designed for installation directly to your mains water supply you can rest assured you’ll never lack hot water. With a large capacity of 250 litres there will be enough water to go around. The unit is highly efficient and successfully supplies hot water to more than one water outlet at any given time.

Manufactured and designed for off peak energy rates, this water heater is a money saver!



  • 7 year warranty
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Available in electric, gas and heat pump models
  • Neat and sleek design appearance
  • Safety features



Height- 1395mm

Width- 640mm

Depth- 680mm

Weight – 72kg

Hot water delivery – 250

Storage capacity – 270 litres

Water connections – ¾ – 20 RP

Maximum water supply pressure:

With ECV – 680

Without ECV – 800

Relief valve setting – 1000

Expansion control valve – 850

With all pipe work and inner machinery of the hot water heater located inside of the tank, the heater will seamless disguise into your home. Not only does the tank cover any exposed pipe work but it also acts as a shield, the insulated steel tank heats only internally.

If in the unlikely event something should fail with your Rheem Plus storage water heater parts and repairs are easily maintainable.