RheemPlus Electric 125L Hot Water Heater

RheemPlus Electric 125L Hot Water Heater

The RheemPlus electric 125L has a 125 litre capacity and is advised to be suitable for small families of 2-3 people depending on your individual households needs. Like many other Rheem hot water units the RheemPlus electric 125L hot water unit offers mains pressure meaning multiple taps can be used at the one time without feeling a substantial reduction in water pressure.

The RheemPlus electric 125 Litre hot water unit offers the additional safety feature with a maximum delivery temperature of 50°C all while still being able to store water at the safe temperature of 60°C ensuring it meets the national plumbing requirement standards making it a fantastic safer choice for the whole family. While having a maximum heating temperature of 50°C the RheemPlus 125L hot water unit still comes with the an adjustable thermostat so you can adjust the water temperature to suit your own family’s needs.


Rheem offer a great manufacturer warranty on the RheemPlus electric 125L hot water unit of 7 years on the cylinder, including 3 years labour warranty on the cylinder and 1 year parts and labour warranty on all other components when installed in domestic environments.

The RheemPlus 125L electric hot water system comes with a neat cover that not only hides the plumbing it also acts as an insulated cover to reduce the loss of heat.  The RheemPlus range do not require installation of a tempering valve meaning a quicker and easier installation. This unit heats water via an electric immersion heating unit where it is then stored in a vitreous enamel lined steel cylinder. The RheemPlus electric hot water unit offers a fully automatic thermostat that ensures a constant temperature is maintained while only using power when heating is needed.


  • 7 year manufacturer warranty on the tank
  • 50 degree maximum temperature delivery
  • Insulated cover for neater appearance
  • Mains pressure


Height: 1340 mm

Width: 480 mm

Depth: 515 mm

Storage capacity: 135L