Rheemglas Electric 125L Hot Water Heater

Rheemglas Electric 125L Hot Water Heater

The perfect unit for smaller families on a budget, the heater is suitable for 2-3 people or 1-2 bathrooms. The system is inexpensive yet reliable. With the tank connected directly to your mains water supply you can rest assured that you’ll never have a cold shower again. The water is heated and stored inside the tank and produces a strong flow to multiple hot water outlets at any given time without losing pressure.

Conveniently the water heater can be installed internally or externally. The system will need to be fitted near the most frequently used hot water outlet for best results.


The Rheem water heater complies with the tempering requirements of AS/NZS 3500.4.

With the system being manufactured in Australia, parts and materials are readily available at no hassle. The unit is easily maintainable and repairable if in the unlikely event something should fail with the water heater.

Automatic safety features are equipped within this unit allowing safe and efficient operating. The water is electronically heated inside the enamel tank and stored for when use is required, the thermostat controls the temperature.

The unit is quite small and compact in size meaning minimal space is required for installation. The system is easy and purely designed to heat your property’s water, no fancy unrequired features.


  • 7 year warranty
  • Dual handed inlet and outlet fittings
  • Mains pressure supply
  • Efficiently
  • Affordable
  • Fast easy installation
  • Maintainable
  • Durable enamel lined tank
  • Small diameter
  • Manufactured in Australia



Height – 1340mm

Width – 480mm

Depth – 515mm

Hot water delivery – 125 litres

Relief valve setting – 1400kpa

Expansion control valve – 1200kpa

Maximum water supply pressure:

With ECV- 960kpa

Without ECV – 1120kpa

Weight (empty) – 49kg

Pre-set temperature – 50 degrees

Left hand connection

Installation – internal or external