Rheem Stellar 250L Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Heater

Rheem Stellar 250L Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Heater

The Rheem Stellar 250L Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water System is a perfect choice for the small to medium sized families consisting of 3-5 people that have a high demand for hot water use within their home. The Rheem Stellar electric storage hot water system is well known for being highly efficient, very durable and very easy to install to suit all of your families hot water needs.

The stainless steel cylinder for this model in particular not only offers purity and durability, it can definitely help you save money in the long run. Not to mention that it is made in Australia for Australians, making it easy to access spare parts and accessories if required.


Rheem Stellar 250L Stainless Steel Electric hot water system is very popular with families around Australia and is highly recommended for everyday high demand hot water use throughout the home through multiple water outlets running at once.


  • Twin elements provide a boost for high demand use.
  • Dual handed cold water connections for ease and versatility of installation.
  • Up to 24% better than MEPS (minimum energy performance standard), the Rheem Stellar Twin Element 250L Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Storage System can potentially save you money on your energy bills.
  • Lightweight stainless steel cylinder with corrosion resistant fittings for long lasting durability and easy installation.
  • Minimises maintenance and service costs thanks to the lack of a sacrificial anode.
  • Connected to the mains pressure so you can run the tap, dishwasher and the shower at the same time.
  • Money saving, designed for off-peak energy rates.
  • Made in Australia.
  • Australian made and backed by a 10 year cylinder warranty.


Made in Australia
Categories Storage Systems
Brand Rheem
Model 4A2250
Colour Stainless Steel
Power Type Electric
Number of Elements Twin
Storage Capacity (L) 250
Number of People – Continuous 4, 5, 6
Number of People – Off Peak 1, 2, 3
Product Height (cm) 144
Product Width (cm) 62
Product Depth (cm) 63
Cylinder Warranty (months) 120