Rheem Stellar 160L Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Heater

Rheem Stellar 160L Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Heater

Rheem have been one of Australia’s most trusted brands in hot water system and servicing for many years throughout Australia

The Rheem Stellar Electric Stainless Steel 160L unit is the perfectly suited electric hot water system for the families of a smaller size of 2 – 4 people who also have a large demand for hot water. This system is designed to save you money and doe off-peak rates, with a single element. So if you are in need of a new hot water system, the 160L electric stainless steel hot water unit is the perfect option. It has a either a single or twin element, or can also supply hot water on continuous for a household of up to 6 people, and up to 4 people off peak.


Features and Benefits of the Rheem Stella Electric Stainless Steel 160 L unit

  • System is an easy like for like replacement with similar and common footprint and fitting locations to older model electric hot water systems and ensures an easy changeover
  • It is manufactured in Australia. Therefore it is made to suit all Australian conditions
  • Has a thicker sacrificial anode which provides additional protection for the cylinder against contaminations that are water borne
  • Provides flexibility with installation with dual handed fittings
  • Has both a twin element or single element model available, which differentiates between the demand for daytime hot water boost
  • Commercial grade enamel for providing a tougher, longer lasting finish that beats standard domestic enamels
  • It can result in lower running costs as it is suitable for connection to lower cost tariffs
  • Dual handed inlet and outlet fittings
  • Designed for off peak rates
  • Mains pressure to all taps at the same time
  • Twin element daytime boost
  • In door out door
  • Vitreous enamel lining for protection from weather conditions


  • The cylinder has a 7 – 10 year warranty *
  • 3 years warranty on the labour of the cylinder *
  • 1 year warranty on the parts and labour and all other components for domestic installations*


Model Rheem 160 litre electric hot water system
Max thermostat setting (°C) 70
Min thermostat setting (°C) 60
Water connection Inlet and outlet
People serviceable 2-4
Capacity 160
No of elements single
Max water supply pressure with evc (kpa) 960
Max water supply pressure without evc (kpa) 1120
Max input (kw) 4.8
Storage capacity 160
Weight (empty) (kg) 54