Rheem MPi-410 Series II Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

Rheem MPi-410 Series II Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

The Rheem MPi-410 Series II heat pump is one of Rheem’s most popular heat pump systems and is designed for the larger households ranging from 2-6 people. Its larger 410 litre tank capacity means that it can provide enough hot water continuously to multiple water outlets throughout the home at the same time, and an ideal buy for the larger family wanting to save money. The MPi-410 heat pump operates similarly to a refrigerator but in reverse. The heat pump transfers external air into a heat exchanger to power water heating and barely uses any power to operate.

The Rheem MPi heat pump is suitable for warmer climates and is recommended for installation in Northern areas of Australia only. Other advantages of this heat pump is that it comes equipped with a backup electric element so that you still can have hot water on cold winter nights. The Rheem heat pump has also been designed with the ease of installation in mind and has been designed with similar fittings to an electric hot water system to make the change over process quick and easy if applicable.



  • Whisper technology– Enables a quieter operation
  • Fitting locations that make it an ideal replacement for an electric water heater
  • Multi-pass heating– The water is heated isothermally, meaning that it is passed through the heat exchanger numerous times to heat the water
  • Constant recovery – Energy use is greatly minimised as the water is continually heated at an optimised rate
  • High Energy efficiency that can cut your energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 65%
  • LED display – Allows for complete control to enable you to check the operating status
  • Frost protection – For reliable operation
  • Concealed tempering valve
  • One man installation able to be fully installed by plumbing tradesman
  • Factory fitted tempering valve
  • Adjustable tempering valve to allow 50 degrees Celsius water delivery at any outlet
  • Constant recovery– You water is heated at a constant optimised rate to reduce energy usage
  • Backup electric elementthat ensures continual hot water come rain, hail or shine
  • 5 year cylinder warranty, 3 year labour on cylinder, 2 year on sealed systems including labour, 1 year on all other parts and labour.


  • Model no. 554410
  • Suitable for # of People (moderate climate) 2 – 6 people
  • Dimensions Height (A) mm1842
  • Width (B) mm1044
  • Depth (C) mm 686
  • Weight Heat Pump Module kg 42
  • Tank – Empty kg 112
  • Technical Storage Capacity L 410
  • Power Input Watts 800
  • Refrigerant R134a
  • Element Sizes kW 2.4 or 3.6
  • Boost Capacity L 200
  • Water Connections & Settings Inlet RP ¾/20
  • Outlet RP ¾/20
  • Tank Relief Valve Setting kPa 1000
  • ECV Setting kPa 850
  • Maximum Mains Pressure Settings With ECV kPa 680
  • Without ECV kPa 800 Min.
  • Water Supply Pressure kPa 200

The MPi-410 series 11 Rheem heat pump not only utilises the latest environmental heating technology to efficiently heat the water required. It also provides free renewable heat energy that has similar savings to a solar hot water heater, but without the need for mounted panels on the roof and it comes with elements and the specific design to ensure neat installation of the unit that’s guaranteed to work night and day without the need for sunlight to operate. This heat pump system is sure to deliver all of your hot water needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no hassle at all!