Rheem Loline 325L Solar Hot Water Heater

Rheem Loline 325L Solar Hot Water Heater

If you are looking to have enough water for a whole family but would like a unit that is environmentally friendly. Then look no further than the Rheem Loline 325 Litre Solar hot water heater with Electric Booster.

Rheem finished their first ever hot water unit in 1939 and have since grown to become one of the largest hot water system manufacturers in Australia. Rheem have become a trusted household name, with over 70 years behind them, they have continuously upheld their product quality and design to suit the ever changing Australian climate – with many different types of hot water units available.


The Rheem solar Loline is a solar hot water system that is made to suite warmer climates and areas with greater quality water. This unit is visually appealing due to its size as the roof mounted system is a slimline which takes up much less space. The tank is also installed on the ground which takes pressure off the roof as well. The 325L capacity is fantastic for families as is ideal for usage between 7 people.

This solar unit is a great option for anyone that is looking to save some money in the long run as well as having hot water ready to go at all hours of the day. Anyone who is looking to decrease any harm to the environment and lower their carbon footprint would benefit from this product as it lowers energy use up to 65-70%!

This solar system works by retaining heat collected through the solar panels during the day and is stored in the ground level water system for use.  There are several boost options with this system as both gas and electric is available.

Some of the other benefits that this unit comes with are;

  • Available in 270L, 325L and 410L capacities – a size for every application
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Full Mains Pressure for multiple outlets simultaneously
  • Integrates automatic electronic controls
  • Booster –able to provide hot water in any weather condition
  • Range of collector options to suit different climate zones. High performance selective surface collectors also available in zones 3 and 4.
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Rheem Loline Solar system is a fantastic energy saving option for any family that are environmentally conscious and looking to save money in the long-term.