Rheem Loline 160L Solar Hot Water Heater

Rheem Loline 160L Solar Hot Water Heater

The Rheem Loline Solar has a range with a number of sizes to suit your homes hot water requirements. The Rheem Loline Solar 160L can cater for a home with 1-4 people. It is a split system which is made with just one compact sized roof mounted collector and the 160L mounted tank to be placed on ground. This system can be located out of sight.


Benefits and Features of the Rheem Solar Loline 160L

  • Frost protection is enhanced
  • Continuous Flow Gas Boosted
  • Suitable for an average sized home with up to 4 people
  • Suitable with CSA2612 collector
  • Cylinder and collectors comes with a 5 year warranty*
  • A 10 year warranty of the gas boost heat exchanger
  • A warranty of 3 years for labour on the heat exchanger and the cylinder
  • A 1 year warranty on the parts including the labour

Rheem are one of Australia’s most favourite brands and services for all families’ hot water needs throughout the country. No matter how big or how small, or what time of the year the amount of hot water is required, Rheem will deliver exceptional service. Rheem have been around since 1939, providing Australian generations with exceptional services and are still currently going strong. Rheem provide a variety of makes and models of hot water systems that are either gas, electric or solar that come in a range of sizes.

It is of most importance that you have a certified tradesman install your unit for your home. Having done this will ensure that your system is installed safely to the highest current standards and policies, ensuring your families and homes safety whilst using hot water. it is also significant to have your system serviced to receive the best and longest delivery of hot water to your taps.