Rheem Indoor Gas Storage 135L Hot Water Heater

Rheem Indoor Gas Storage 135L Hot Water Heater

The Rheem Indoor Gas Storage 135L Hot Water System is well designed for use in a domestic dwelling with up to 2-4 people residing there. Rheem is one of Australia’s favourite names in hot water and Australians have trusted and relied upon the Rheem name for generations.

The main advantages of this Gas Storage hot water unit is that because it is directly connected to the mains pressure it is able to deliver hot water instantly, as it keeps a generous quantity of water stored and ready for use. This unit also ensures that a strong flow of hot water is able to service multiple water outlets e.g. shower, taps throughout the home at once without losing hot water pressure.

This unit itself is a relatively inexpensive solution choice for the customer’s hot water needs because of its high efficiency costs less to run and in turn saves the customer money.


The Rheem gas 135L hot water unit is ideal for use where there is a high demand for hot water at busy times throughout the day. This model is a great choice for the small to medium household and ensures that everyone’s hot water demands are met.


  • Mains pressure for hot water from multiple taps at the same time.
  • Reduced replacement costs
  • An easy to install replacement for most existing 3 Star models.
  • A user adjustable thermostat putting you in control
  • Recovery rate of 120 litres per hour at 45 degrees Celsius
  • Quick recovery provides more hot water in heavy demand times
  • First hour capacity: 255 litres
  • Exclusive Turboaire Flue baffle- means highly efficient heat transfers to water.
  • 5 year warranty cylinder*
  • 3 year labour warranty on the cylinder*
  • 1 year parts and labour warranty on all other components for domestic (non-commercial) installations
  • 4 star energy rating


  • Height: 1615 mm
  • Diameter: 425 mm
  • Approx Wt Empty (kg): 54
  • Max Thermostat Setting (°C): 6
  • Hourly Energy Input (MJ): 30
  • Water Connection (“/mm): RP ¾/20
  • Gas Connection (“/mm): RP ½/15
  • T&PR Connection (“/mm): RP ½/15
  • T&PR Setting (kPa): 1400
  • Max Water Supply Pressure with/without ECV (kPa): 960/1120
  • Requires 75mm Flue