Rheem 52C300 Premier Hiline 300L Solar Hot Water Heater

Rheem 52C300 Premier Hiline 300L Solar Hot Water Heater

The Rheem 52C300 Premier Hiline gives you the flexibility of whether you choose a gas continuous flow booster or an electric element booster for times when high hot water quantities are needed or when the weather conditions are not suitable to produce enough solar energy.

With the possibility of being suitable for households of just two people all the way up to five people this unit has great versatility and can be a great money saving option for many households. As the unit does not have any moving parts the cost of any potential future maintenance is dramatically reduced. Meaning this unit will not only save you money on energy bills by using the suns energy to heat the water you will also save you money on maintenance as well. Rheem advertise that this particular unit can reduce your water heater energy usage by up to 60%.


If a generous warranty period is what you are looking for when choosing a new hot water unit you can’t look past a 5 year warranty on the cylinder this includes 3 years labour on the cylinder and 1 year on parts and labour that Rheem offer with the Rheem 52C300 Premier Hiline hot water system.

Where ground space is an issue the Rheem 52C300 Premier Hiline Solar Hot Water System is a great choose as it is designed to be roof mountable. This also means all hot pipework is safely positioned on the roof which makes it a safer option for households with young children. Featuring frost protection this unit has been made to be suitable for colder climate areas.


  • 5 year manufacturer warranty on the cylinder
  • Energy saving
  • Optional gas or electric booster
  • Frost protection
  • Roof mountable – space saving and safer


Height: 508 mm

Width: 2425 mm

Depth: 2475 mm

Tank capacity: 300 litres

Tank weight empty – 98 kg

Tank weight full – 398 kg

Solar collectors empty – 66 kg

Solar collectors full – 70 kg