Rheem 27 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater

Rheem 27 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater

Looking for an endless supply of hot water? The Rheem 27 continuous flow if the answer for you, with a high 6.1 star rating and a massive 27 litres per minute the water heater will successfully provide an sufficient amount of hot water to a large family with a big demand for hot water. Supplying homes with 2-3 bathrooms or 1-6 people, all while saving your pocket from the usual pricey gas bills with its excelling energy efficiency.

The Rheem 27 gas water heater is compatible with both natural and propane gas. The units are installed externally, mounted to a wall and require minimal space as the system is compact and sleek.

Hot water is heated on demand only as you need it, this not only saves our environment from gas emissions but it means you’ll never run out.


The Rheem 27 continuous flow hot water heater is manufactured to be installed directly to your property’s mains water supply. The unit operates automatically only heating the water as it by passes through the heater. When a hot water outlet is opened the gas ignitor inside the system ignites to immediately producing hot water.

To save energy and water the system is designed with a feature that on a cold start up (after a long period of not being used) the initial water flow will be delayed by no longer than 10 seconds while the unit warms up again. This will not occur if the heat exchanger is already currently warm from recent use.


  • 10 year warranty
  • Indoor model available
  • Remote temperature controls
  • Safety features
  • 1 star rating
  • Flame safe protection
  • 27 litres per minute
  • Solar ready (compatible with solar systems*)
  • Reduced water wastage
  • Frost protection
  • Digital display



Height – 600mm

Width – 350mm

Depth – 215mm

Weight – 24kg

Temperature – 50(◦C)

Water supply:

Maximum – 1000kpa

Minimum – 140kpa


Cold water – R ¾/20

Hot water – R ¾/20

Gas – R ¾/20

Minimum flow rate – 27L/minute

Nominal gas consumption – 205 MJ/hr

Gas type – Natural or propane