Rheem 24 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater

Rheem 24 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater

Continuous flow gas hot water units are a fantastic option when choosing a hot water unit as they heat water on demand which means the hot water is only heated when needed and isn’t heated and then stored like normal storage hot water units. With the recommendation that this unit is suitable for two to two and a half bathrooms this unit will suit most standard household’s hot water needs.

The Rheem 24 continuous flow hot water unit is a great choice when space is an issue as this unit is wall mountable and compact in design. With dimensions of just 565 mm high 350 mm wide 205 mm deep making it smaller than most other competitors units on the market. The Rheem 24 is available in both natural gas and propane (LPG).


This unit conveniently offers a continuous hot water delivery of 24 litres per minute. The temperature of the hot water is easily controlled with the electronic temperature controllers – which gives added peace of mind on the accuracy of the water temperature. This gives you more control on the safety of your family and helps eliminates risks of scalding’s.

Rheem have been making hot water unit since 1939 and offer a great warranty on the Rheem 24 continuous flow gas water heater. It comes with a fantastic manufacturer warranty of 10 years on the heat exchanger, including 3 years labour on the heat exchanger and 3 years parts and labour on all other components when installed in domestic applications. So when choosing the Rheem 24 you have that additional peace of mind.



  • 10 year Manufacturer warranty on heat exchanger
  • Hot water delivery of 24 Litres a minute
  • Overheat protection
  • Compact design


Height: 565 mm

Width: 350 mm

Length: 205 mm

Installation: internal and external models available

Gas Type: NG or Propane