Rheem 20 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater

Rheem 20 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater

The Rheem 20 continuous flow unit is ideal or small apartments, terraces or town houses, with its compact size it fits into limited space areas, conveniently mounted to the wall. The unit produces an endless amount of hot water as the water is heated when you need it, for as long as you need. Water is heated on demand, rather than being stored inside the system. It’s medium capacity and durability is proudly loved by many Australians.

While saving you money on your gas bills the system is also great for the environment with a high 6 star energy rating. The unit comes with a 10 year warranty and will be successfully servicing your home for years.

Manufactured to suit Australia’s tough conditions and built with automatic safety features.



  • Flamesafe overheat protection – shutting down the unit before any overheating can occur.
  • 20 litres per minute hot water delivery.
  • Rheem Q factor – allows for rapid hot water and no temperature fluctuations.
  • Extra safety – temperature limited models available.
  • Remote temperature control – so you can personally set accurate temperatures for different outlets in your home.


6 star energy rating

1.5 -2 bathrooms

Nominal gas consumption – 153 MJ/Hr

Flow rate litre/minute (at 25 degrees Celsius rise) – 20L/Min

Minimum operating flow rate – 2.7L/Min

Gas type:

Natural gas



Height – 520mm

Width – 350mm

Depth – 160mm


Empty – 18kg

Maximum water supply pressure – 1000KPA

Minimum water supply pressure – 140KPA


Outdoor only

The heater is designed to connect directly to the mains water supply. The unit is top of line technology fitted with both energy and water saving features. As well as costly saving attributes the heater is equipped with frost protection. This prevents ice forming inside of the waterways in the event of freezing weather conditions.

The Rheem continuous flow hot water units are designed specifically to disguise into your home. With a recess box that sets the unit flush to the wall and matching coloured pipe covers to conceal all pipework. The system is also equipped with padlock security to protect your water heater.