Dux Sunpro Electric Boosted Solar 250 Litre Hot Water Heater

Dux Sunpro Electric Boosted Solar 250 Litre Hot Water Heater

The Dux Sunpro Electric boosted hot water unit is a great option for someone looking for an energy efficient hot water unit. Recommended for residential properties with between two and four people this unit is a great option for smaller families. Although this may vary slightly depending on the individual needs.

This unit is connected to solar panels so the energy from the sun is used to heat the water. In times when there isn’t enough solar power or high water usage this unit conveniently has a backup electric booster so you are never without hot water unit. Just another one of the great features of the Sunpro unit is the element that is situated in the middle of the tank so that only one half of the tank is being heated when there is low solar energy. Fitted with technology that is able to switch to the most energy efficient power source this unit is great for eco conscious people.


Offering a split system design with the tank installed on the ground you won’t need to be paying for any costly additional roof support to be installed. The Sunpro electric boosted solar unit is connected to two solar panels that are made from low iron, toughened glass. This unit comes with the added safety feature of an overheating thermostat that cut outs if the unit over heats.

The Sunpro Electric Boosted Solar hot water unit conveniently comes with a manufacturer warranty of 5 years. This 5 year warranty cover both the hot water tank and the solar panels. An additional 1 year warranty is also provided for parts and labour.


  • Australian manufactured unit
  • Over heat protection
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Electric boosted
  • Energy efficient
  • Split system design


Cylinder dimensions:

Height: 1444 mm

Diameter: 617 mm

Width: 712 mm

Panel Dimensions:

Height: 2015 mm

Width: 1080 mm

Depth: 85 mm

Tank weight: 80 kg

Panel weight: 43 kg