Dux Proflo 80L Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

Dux Proflo 80L Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

The Dux Proflo 80L hot water system is one of the best on the market. The proflo comes in a variety of sizes to suit all households. From large tanks to small tanks there is one for everyone. The DUX proflo 80L is suitable for households with up to four people living. The Dux Proflo 80L provide hot water for each member.

With the Dux Proflo more than one tap can be used at the same time without the loss of pressure or change in temperature. The Dux Proflo is low maintenance and also has a long service life. The Dux Proflo can be installed both inside and outside of the home. With the long 7 year warranty the Dux Proflo is always one of the better options to consider.


The Dux Proflo 80L can be installed both inside and outside of your home, this is a plus as it does not get in the way of everyday life. The Dux proflo is also a neutral colour making it easy on the eye and able to blend in with other household appliances. Another plus is been able to use more than one tap at a time, meaning no one is getting burnt or low water pressure. The Dux Proflo has a long 7 year warranty and is one of the most reliable hot water systems on the market.


  • 7 Year warranty!
  • Internal and external installation!
  • Full flow pressure to all outlets!
  • Low maintenance and long service life!
  • Water connections both sides of the tank!
  • Services 4 people

Tank Dimension:

  • Height- 925mm
  • Diameter- 490mm
  • Cold water inlet- 160mm
  • Hot water outlet- 735mm
  • Electrical entry- 85


  • Weight empty- 40kg
  • Relief valve pressure- 1400kPa
  • Max inlet pressure- 1120kPa
  • Hot water delivery rating- 80L