Dux Proflo 315L Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

Dux Proflo 315L Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

The Dux electric storage proflo 315L is the second to biggest hot water system dux produce. The 315L proflo can service up to nine people on its peak and up to 6 people on its off peak. The hot water system is designed for larger families throughout Australia. It produces non-stop hot water for every family member so no one has to have a cold shower or wait for the water to heat up. The hot water system produces full pressure to all taps. It is a low maintenance hot water system and has a huge 7 year warranty. The 7 year warranty can put your mind at rest because if anything was to go wrong with the system you always have someone ready to help. Dux is a well-known brand throughout the whole of Australia. It is well-known for its fantastic products!


The Dux proflo can be installed both inside and outside of your property meaning it is not in the way of everyday life. The colour is a basic colour meaning it in not to in your face and does not stand out it actually blends in with your everyday appliances. The Dux proflo is one of the best ranges of hot water system on the market so if you are looking to replace your hot water system or even just need a new one installing the Dux proflo will not let you down and is a great option.


  • Full flow pressure to all household taps
  • Low maintenance
  • Long service life
  • Installation is available inside or outside
  • 7 year warranty!


  • Weight- 93kg
  • Minimum temperature- 60 degrees
  • Tank diameter- 620
  • Temperature pressure relief valve included
  • Water connection location- dual connection
  • Element wattage- 3600watts
  • Tank valve size- 1000
  • Voltage- 240
  • Water connection size- 20mm