Dux 21L Condensing Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater

Dux 21L Condensing Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater

The Dux 21L Continuous flow unit is an excellent option for Australian homes. Not only are they compact in design and energy efficient, they only produce hot water when it’s needed. Thus, not wasting energy by keeping water in a tank hot, ready for use. The system itself has a 6 star energy rating and is one of the smallest domestic hot water units.

This hot water unit is designed by Japan’s leading manufacturer, Noritz, which is one of the leading designers of household water heaters. The main feature of this unit includes its superior condensing technology that boasts over 90% of thermal efficiency by capturing additional heat in the secondary heat exchanger inside the Dux unit.



  • Low Run Costs
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Greenhouse Emissions
  • Compact Design
  • Suitable for 2-5 bedroom home
  • No standby pilot light
  • 12 Year warranty on heat exchanger, including 3 year warranty on full parts and labour.
  • Condensing delivers over $1000 savings over the 12 year warranty of the heat exchanger.
  • Accessories include separate controllers that allow the customer to select the hot water temperature preferred- A welcome safety feature for families.
  • Optional accessories include:
    • Pipe covers
    • Recess boxes
    • Anti-theft kits
    • Flue diverters
Star Rating: 6.1
Hot water capacity: 21L/min @ 25oC rise
Min water flow: 2.4 litres/minute
Dimensions (mm): Height: 520
Width: 350
Depth: 170
Weight: 15kg

Available in 50oC and 60oC model options:

21ENB5N- 21L/min Nat Gas 50 deg
21ENB6N- 21L/min Nat Gas 60 deg

21ENB5L- 21L/min LPG 50 deg
21ENB6L- 21L/min LPG 60 deg

So when choosing your next hot water system, consider the features outlined to help make your choice the right one for you and your family. The Dux 21L continuous flow hot water unit has been a well-known name and trusted product used by residents throughout Australia and has built a name that you know and can trust to keep your hot water continuously hot all year round, whilst costing you less at the same time.