Bosch Highflow 17E Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

Bosch Highflow 17E Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

Bosch’s continuous flow hot water systems heat the water as you need it without anyone in your home experiencing a cold shower. The 17e model is highly efficient and provides 4 temperature controllers for peace of mind.

This hot water unit has a 5.6 energy rating and its continuous flow of hot water is designed to heat water only as required. All units provide an efficient alternative to traditional gas and electric storage units. With the maximum efficiency of the all new Bosch High flow, you are ensured of continuous hot water while saving money and caring for the environment at the same time.


Bosch 17e Features:

  • Continuous flow technology – never run out of hot water
  • 5+ star energy efficiency rating
  • Compact design
  • Available in Natural or LP
  • Suitable for 1-2 bathrooms
  • Antifrost as standard
  • 50°C limited models available
  • External Installation
  • Option of 4 Temperature Controllers which includes:
    Unique Bath Filling function – alerts you when the desired volume and temperature is reached
    Digital Display Controllers – including time of day and water temperature
    Priority switch – will override main controller if safety is threatened
    Call Button on Controllers – for elderly or disabled requiring assistance in the bathroom
    Constant Water Temperature – computer controlled
    Fault Diagnostic Display – in-built computer control checks functions and records any problems
  • Premium Warranties – 10 year heat exchanger (part only), 3 year warranty on parts and labour

Bosch 17E Specifications:

Dimensions (mm):

  • Height – 520
  • Width – 350
  • Depth – 170
  • Installation – External
  • Ignition – Electronic
  • of bathrooms – 1
  • inlet water pressure (kPa) – 1000
  • Gas Type -Natural/LPG
  • Warranty – 3 Years Parts and Labour
  • 10 Years Heat Exchanger (part only)

The BOSCH 17e is the entry level model in the high flow range, but make no mistake entry level doesn’t mean cheap and nasty. This super compact system is easy for contractors to install and is perfect for apartments or homes with one bathroom with minimal space. With an energy efficiency rating of 5.66 and availability in Natural or LP gas it’s a great hot water system to choose for installation in at your property. It is also able to deliver 17L of hot water per minute at the perfect temperature, which makes the BOSCH 17e a great choice for couples and small families.