AquaMAX G390SS Gas Storage Hot Water Heater

AquaMAX G390SS Gas Storage Hot Water Heater

The Aquamax G390SS is a 155 Litre stainless steel tank able to adequately supply the hot water requirements for a household of 3-6 people, or 3 + bathrooms. The G390SS has a patented in-built mixing valve which allows up to 390 Litres first hour delivery.

The Aquamax gas storage water heater G390SS is the largest in the Aquamax’s gas water heater range, and comes with a high 5 star energy efficiency rating. Gas storage water heaters run on mains pressure, ensuring they will keep up with the high demands for your hot water and will provide a consistent temperature and pressure – even when running multiple taps at once.



  • Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • Supplies 390L of Heated Water in first hour
  • Suitable for 2-5 bedroom home with 3-6 people
  • 5 STAR energy rating.
  • Suitable for natural gas only
  • Is externally installed
  • Comes with a 10year cylinder warranty
  • Able to have a twin temperature valve to be installed into this unit to allow for a set temperature of 65 C of hot water for the kitchen and laundry.
  • Unit has a lower set temperature for the bath at 50 C to reduce the risk of scalding to young children and the elderly.


Dimensions (mm):

Height – 1635

Width – 520

Depth – 610

Type – Storage

Fuel – Gas

Max kPa Supply Pressure – 1120

Tank capacity – 155L

Gas type -Natural

Warranty – 10 Year warranty

External installation only

The Aquamax G390SS Gas Storage unit is manufactured in Melbourne and was established in 1988. The Aquamax hot water heaters have a long history with Water Heaters in Australian homes and business. In 1992, Aquamax proudly released the production of their first 5 star, 10 year warranty heater and successfully sold over 100, 000 units sold within its first 6 years of manufacturing the Aquamax brand. So buy your next hot water unit not only from an Australian company, but with a name that you can trust will provide the best source of hot water production, at an efficient cost also.