Rinnai Prestige Flat Plate 250L Solar Hot Water Heater

Rinnai Prestige Flat Plate 250L Solar Hot Water Heater

The Rinnai 250L Solar Prestige Hot Water System is the Rolls Royce of solar hot water units. This hot water unit is highly regarded for its innovation and superior quality, with flexibility in mind. By installing one of these superior solar hot water systems instead of an electric storage hot water system can reduce your electricity consumption, running costs and environmental impact of the hot water system by 2/3rds!

The Flat plate solar systems design consists of a ground mounted storage tank that is installed separately to the collectors mounted on the roof. A small pump circulates the water from the storage cylinder through to the collectors to absorb the maximum available solar energy. With 2 panel collectors this hot water system can easily distribute hot water to over 3 or more bedrooms.


Rinnai Prestige Flat Plate 250L Solar hot water system is a great choice for the medium to large family that wants to keep electricity and water costs down, whilst still getting hot water coming through to the home as needed. So choose Rinnai today for the best solar hot water system around town.


  • 250 litre capacity storage
  • Electric boost or continuous flow gas boost configurations
  • Minimal impact on the aesthetics of your roofline
  • No need to reinforce the roof structure
  • Excelsior collectors offering TiNOX technology absorb the maximum available solar energy
  • Available with a frost protection kit
  • Collectors and tanks manufactured in Australia
  • No sacrificial anode is required which saves on maintenance costs
  • Specifically designed for solar ensuring maximum heat retention with the result in reduced need for boosting.
  • Highly efficient collectors containing all copper for maximum energy collection
  • 10 riser tubes per panel for effective solar energy transfer to the water.
  • Full aluminium casing for corrosion resistance.
  • Fully replaceable glass
  • Warranty is 10 years on the tanks and 7 years on the collectors


Storage capacityBoosterNo Of Excelsior CollectorsFrost protection kit availableNo of Bedrooms
System B250LS2021 to 3
System C250LS2623 to 4
System D315LS2623 or more
System E315LS2633 or more
System FM250L3.6 kW21 to 3

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