Rinnai Prestige Close Coupled 330L Solar Hot Water Heater

Rinnai Prestige Close Coupled 330L Solar Hot Water Heater

A typical solar hot water system is made up of solar collectors and a storage tank with a solar controller pump. A closed coupe system have the storage tank above the solar collectors and both of them located together on the roof.

With a wide range of colour-bond colours available, this hot water system can be tailored to suit your specific needs to match your roofing colours.

Being solar you are guaranteed a cost effective and environmentally friendly hot water system that not only doesn’t break your wallet but also harness our largest energy source the sun. Through 2 reliable excelsior plate collectors with TiNOX technology for maximum absorbency of solar energy, we are able to assure a stress free hot water system.


The nifty system is also attached with a thermos-syphoning to guarantee that no parts or bits will move around and that the heater will stay in place on the roof.

With its large 330 litre capacity storage you are guaranteed a continuous flow of hot water all year round. In winter or on those cloudy days there is a back-up electric booster for your convenience to ensure an undisturbed hot water shower.

With a massive 10 year warranty on the tanks and a 7 year warranty on the solar panels you can have that extra piece of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong you are covered.

Features and characteristics:

  • 330litre quality solar water heater
  • Thermos-syphoning
  • Wide range of colour-bond colours
  • 4 or 3.6 kw electric booster
  • 10 year tank warranty and 7 year collectors warranty
  • 330 litre 44 grade stainless steel storage cylinders
  • Service from 3-6 people
  • Frost protection kit available


Water capacity330 litre
Thermos syphoningYes
Electric boosterYes
Kilowatt of electric booster2.4 and 3.6 kw
Frost protectionYes
Stainless steel44 grade
Warranty10 year tank
Warranty7 year collectors
No rooms serviceable2.4kw 1-3

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