Dux Proflo 50L Plug In Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

Dux Proflo 50L Plug In Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

The Dux Proflo 50 litre electric storage tank provides excellent hot water delivery for a better customer experience. The Dux range since 1915 has had many break throughs in reliability, longevity and efficiency of hot water systems. They are committed to providing you with the highest quality products to suit all types of weather conditions.

The Dux Proflo 50litre Electric storage system offers convenience of plugging the unit in to a standard house hold PowerPoint. With connecting to the mains water pressure it ensures a full flow pressure to all taps for your everyday convenience.


The 50litre Proflo electric system comes with water connections on both sides of the tank, suited for individual preferences they can be installed indoor or outdoor. This dual- handed feature gives more installation options for the installation plumber, making dux Proflo electric storage units the most versatile on the market. Unlike some of the other units on the market this hot water system reaches has a 50 litre minimum delivery requirement.

Offering style and convenience for the modern home owner it is tailored with its 405mm diameter to fit in small spaces. Backed by a 7 year warranty this hot water system is made to last. Creating a modern outlook and a clean finish this little hot water system has the perfect appearance to fit in with other modern house hold appliances, making it easier on the eye.

Features and characteristics:

Proflo electric storage 50L
Storage capacity50L
Warranty7 year
No. of people suited2-3
FinishWhite appliance
Indoor out doorYes
Temperature pressure valve reliefYes
Water connectionDual connection with ‘V’ fit
Over-heating protectionyes
Water connection20mm
Tank vale size1000
Fuel typeElectric
Application typeDomestic

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