Chromagen Eternity T20 Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

Chromagen Eternity T20 Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

Chromagen eternity T20 hot water system provides Australians with never ending hot water. Supplying hot water constantly it reaches every house hold need that it may be needed for.

Having a nice warm shower is one of the more relaxing luxuries in life but when you have to rush around in the shower in hope that the hot water will not run out it can put a dampener on your day, with the Chromagen eternity T20 it gives you one less thing to worry about. The Chromagen eternity T20 is trustworthy with hot water at any time of the day or night.

The Chromagen eternity T20 is suitable for households with around 2 bathrooms. The excellent Chromagen eternity T20 comes in a range with two sizes. It also comes with an option to run on LPG Fuel or even on natural gas.



  • The Chromagen eternity T20 has a huge energy rating of 6 stars!
  • Huge warranty – 10 years heat exchanger – 3 years labour and parts!
  • Exceptional Japanese quality manufacturing and design!
  • Two types of litre per minute models 20 &26!
  • LPG & Natural gas variants!
  • Remote controllers (optional)



  • Height plus bracket – 542mm
  • Width- 350mm
  • Depth- 170mm
  • Weight- 14kg

Water Pressure:

  • Minimum- 200kpa
  • Maximum- 1200kpa
  • Optimal- 500kpa

Gas Type:

  • Natural GAS
  • LPG

Power Supply:

  • Power supply mains voltage- 240AC
  • Power Supply Controller Voltage-12DC

Connection Diameter:

  • Gas -20BSP
  • Water – 15BSP

Chromagen eternity T20 hot water system is housing colour Beige, this colour means that it does not stand out and looks natural against your house it seamlessly disguises to your home. The unit is fitted to the wall with brackets also including a recess cover over the top.

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