Bosch OptiFlow with Bluetooth Gas Continuous Flow

Bosch OptiFlow with Bluetooth Gas Continuous Flow

The Bosch Gas Continuous Optiflow combustion system is the first of its kind with Bluetooth connectivity, they are both available in Android and IOS devices. It is enabled up to 10m in range on Bluetooth for your convenience. It is both compatible with water and pro water apps. With its light weight and compact design it is the perfect 6 star rating electronically controlled water heater. It has up to 3 controllers that can be installed in addition to the Bluetooth controller, perfect for real time performance monitoring and real time diagnostics so you can choose to use it where ever and whenever it is most convenient for you. This water heater is solar compatible with a 50 Degree Celsius Compliant module, it is available with error codes of recommended service procedures and a backup of appliance features with a 12 year heat exchanger warranty, this Optiflow BOSCH is the water heater for the 21st century everyday household that cannot be missed.


Features for Each Size (3 Sizes):

16 Litres, 20 Litres, 26 Litres

With its continous water flow this fantastic hot water system is the ideal hot water heater for a non problematic and undisturbed shower.

Optiflow with bluetooth16ltr20ltr26ltr
Bluetooth YesYesYes
Star Rating6 Stars6 Stars6 Stars
Compatible with solarYesYesYes
Temperature ControllersUp to 3 temperature+ bluetooth with app installedUp to 3 temperature + bluetoothwith app installedUp to 3 temperature + bluetoothwith app installed
Maximum TemperaturePreset at 55°C and 70°C maxPreset at 55°C and 70°C maxPreset at 55°C and 70°C
50°C  Models AvailableYesYesYes
Gas: Maximum Gas Consumption122 Mj/h149 Mj/h199 Mj/h
Gas: Minimum Gas Supply Pressure – NG1.13 kPa1.13 kPa1.13 kPa
Gas: Minimum Gas Supply Pressure – LPG2.75 kPa2.75 kPa2.75 kPa
Water: Maximum Pressure 1000 kPa1000 kPa1000 kPa
Water: Minimum Pressure100 kPa100 kPa100 kPa
Water: Minimum Pressure, Maximum Performance300 kPa300 kPa300 kPa
Water: Minimum Water Flow2 L/min2 L/min2 L/min
Water: L/ min at 25°C Temperature Rise16 L/min20 L/min26 L/min
Water: Maximum


Electric: Power Supply 230 / 240 Vac230 / 240 Vac230 / 240 Vac
Electric: Frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Electric: Power Consumption – Normal Opteration57 W57 W70 W

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