Aquamax Electric Storage 125L Vitreous Enamel Hot Water Heater

Aquamax Electric Storage 125L Vitreous Enamel Hot Water Heater

The Aquamax 125 litre vitreous enamel hot water system is the perfect little hot water unit for the small family. It is an electric hot water system with the capacity of a 125 litres, light weight and compact, it is the largest unit with PTR settings for an easy installation. Designed for small homes and apartments and with a warranty of 5 years, it can be installed indoor or outdoor as an individual preference. With having dual inlets and outlets it makes it just that much easier to install. It has continuous flow of hot water that won’t change, a pressure temperature relief valve for your comfort, this hot water system allows for an un-disturbed shower guaranteed to suit the everyday small home or apartment.



  • Electric 125litre delivery
  • Vitreous enamel tank
  • Internal and external installation
  • 5 year cylinder warranty
  • Dual inlets and outlets
  • Dual PTR Valve Fittings
Model specifications 125litre
Number of serviceable people 2-3 (exceeding minimum energy performance standards)
Hot water delivery 125litre (single phase)
Weight 30kg
Dual handed available Yes (without expansion valve)
Warranty 5 years
Protection rating set at maximum IP 24
Dual inlets and outlets Yes
Height/mm 1340
Width/mm 480
Exceeds minimum energy performance standards by 20%
Maximum supply pressure 960kpa (with expansion control valve) 1120 (without expansion control)
Thermostat setting 75deg
Voltage (single phase) 240 vac
Electrical safety approval No: WMKA00200/120769
ECV setting 1200kpa
Pressure and temperature relief valve 1400 kpa

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