Chromagen Eternity T20 Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater


  • The Chromagen eternity T20 has a huge energy rating of 6 stars!
  • Huge warranty – 10 years heat exchanger – 3 years labour and parts!
  • Exceptional Japanese quality manufacturing and design!
  • Two types of litre per minute models 20 &26!
  • LPG & Natural gas variants!
  • Remote controllers (optional)



  • Height plus bracket – 542mm
  • Width- 350mm
  • Depth- 170mm
  • Weight- 14kg

Water Pressure:

  • Minimum- 200kpa
  • Maximum- 1200kpa
  • Optimal- 500kpa

Gas Type:

  • Natural GAS
  • LPG

Power Supply:

  • Power supply mains voltage- 240AC
  • Power Supply Controller Voltage-12DC

Connection Diameter:

  • Gas -20BSP
  • Water – 15BSP

Chromagen eternity T20 hot water system is housing colour Beige, this colour means that it does not stand out and looks natural against your house it seamlessly disguises to your home. The unit is fitted to the wall with brackets also including a recess cover over the top.

Chromagen Eternity T26 Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater


  • A huge 6 star energy rating!
  • A compact Japanese quality manufacturing and design!
  • 20 & 26 litre per minute models!
  • LPG & Natural gas!
  • Pre-set models 50 °C
  • Remote controllers (optional)
  • Residential warranty- 10 years
  • 3 year warranty parts and labour!



  • Heights- 542mm
  • Width- 350mm
  • Depth- 230mm
  • Weight- 17kg


  • 6 star energy rating!
  • Thermal efficiency – 79.6%
  • Water connection diameter- 15 BSP
  • Gas connection diameter- 20BSP
  • Power supply mains voltage- 240AC
  • Power supply controller voltage- 12DC
  • Ignition- electronic
  • Gas type- LPG and Natural Gas

Water pressure

  • Maximum- 1200kPa
  • Minimum- 200kPa
  • Optimal- 500kPa

The Chromagen Gas Continuous flow eternity T26 is suitable for all households it supplies hot water to homes with up to three bathrooms! The Chromagen Gas Continuous flow eternity T26 has a recess box and is a beige colour meaning it blends in well with the house. The Chromagen Gas Continuous flow eternity T26 is a compact unit meaning it is not in the way of everyday life and does not look out of place. With the amazing 10 year heat exchanger warranty and the 3 years parts and labour warranty you can always count on the Chromagen Gas Continuous flow eternity T26 to provide you and your family with the best.

Chromagen SplitLine 400L Solar Hot Water Heater

Chromogen split line systems feature water storage tanks in multiple sizes to suit your needs. The water heaters are sleek and easily installed. The units are also designed to uphold in all weather conditions.

Water from the ground tank is passed through the roof panels and heated by the sun. The heated water then returns to the insulated tank and stored for when you need it. On cold days or during the night the gas or electric booster will ensure the water is heated to the desired temperature.


  • Capture the suns free energy
  • Low greenhouse emission
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reliable supply of hot water
  • Cost effective/ low running cost
  • 5 Year warranty

System Specifications:


Height – 1765mm

Diameter – 650mm

Weight – 126kg (empty)

Boost options – gas or electric

Eternity Gas booster specifications:

Model – T20 or T26

6 star energy rating

Weight – 14 or 17 (kg)

Ignition – electronic

Gas Type – Natural gas or LPG

Warranty – 10 years

Collector specifications:

Collector Type:

Eco Blue – (2 collectors)

BlackMax (3 collectors)

Absorber Coating:

Eco blue – blue splutter

Blackmax – black paint


Eco blue-

Width – 1274mm

Length – 2187mm

Depth – 90mm


Width – 1072mm

Length – 2187mm

Depth – 90mm


Eco blue –

Full – 57kg

Empty – 57kg

Blackmax –

Full – 41

Empty – 37kg

Aperture area:

Eco blue – 2.59 (m2)

Blackmax – 2.14 (m2)

Warranty – 5 years (Eco blue and BlackMax)