Bosch Compress 3000 Heat Pump Hot Water Heater


  • Highly efficient heat pump – reduces energy use by up to 65% when compared to conventional electric storage
    • Eligible for generous government rebates
    • Smart Controls to:
    – allow user to set operating time systems
    – operate with PV solar electric systems to optimise energy efficiency
    • Low noise performance and additional noise reduction timer function
    • Designed for easy and low-cost install and servicing
    • The heat pump operates from -7°C to 40°C, delivering energy efficient hot water even in colder climates
  • Energy efficient hot water even when its freezing outside
  • 5 year warranty on tank


Bosch Product Code7736501960
Heat Pump operating temperatures °C-7°C / +40°C
Total operating temperatures °C-10°C / +50°C
Outlet Water temperature °C60°C – 65°C
IP ratingIP24
Storage capacity (L)270
Max. Water Relief Pressure (kPa)1000
Max. Water Supply Pressure (kPa)800
Heat Pump Max input (kW)0.6
Max Current (A)2.5
Heat Pump heating capacity (kW)1.5
Back Up Electric Element
Heat input (kW)1.65
Total Max current (A)7.2
Maximum Combined Total
Heating Capacity (kW)3.15
Maximum Input2.25
Maximum Current @ 230V (A)9.8
Net empty weight (kg)130
Refrigeration type/Mass (kg)R134a/0.375

This hot water system is suitable for a household of 3-4 people and is designed for easy installation, servicing and repair. This hot water system is ideal for any Australian location and can withstand any type of weather and climate conditions from freezing outside to sweltering hot. No matter what, it can ensure that energy efficient hot water is always available to your home.

Bosch Highflow 17E Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

Bosch 17e Features:

  • Continuous flow technology – never run out of hot water
  • 5+ star energy efficiency rating
  • Compact design
  • Available in Natural or LP
  • Suitable for 1-2 bathrooms
  • Antifrost as standard
  • 50°C limited models available
  • External Installation
  • Option of 4 Temperature Controllers which includes:
    Unique Bath Filling function – alerts you when the desired volume and temperature is reached
    Digital Display Controllers – including time of day and water temperature
    Priority switch – will override main controller if safety is threatened
    Call Button on Controllers – for elderly or disabled requiring assistance in the bathroom
    Constant Water Temperature – computer controlled
    Fault Diagnostic Display – in-built computer control checks functions and records any problems
  • Premium Warranties – 10 year heat exchanger (part only), 3 year warranty on parts and labour

Bosch 17E Specifications:

Dimensions (mm):

  • Height – 520
  • Width – 350
  • Depth – 170
  • Installation – External
  • Ignition – Electronic
  • of bathrooms – 1
  • inlet water pressure (kPa) – 1000
  • Gas Type -Natural/LPG
  • Warranty – 3 Years Parts and Labour
  • 10 Years Heat Exchanger (part only)

The BOSCH 17e is the entry level model in the high flow range, but make no mistake entry level doesn’t mean cheap and nasty. This super compact system is easy for contractors to install and is perfect for apartments or homes with one bathroom with minimal space. With an energy efficiency rating of 5.66 and availability in Natural or LP gas it’s a great hot water system to choose for installation in at your property. It is also able to deliver 17L of hot water per minute at the perfect temperature, which makes the BOSCH 17e a great choice for couples and small families.

Bosch Highflow 21E Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

The Bosch Electronic Highflow 21e is a small compact unit meaning that it does not get in the way of everyday living. The unit is an external unit that is attached to the wall. The beige colour of the unit blends in and does not stand out. The Bosch Electronic Highflow 21e comes with a recess case making everything look clean and tidy. The Highflow is a reliable hot water system providing hot water to thousands of Australian residents. The Highflow system also has a 17 and 26 litre per minute flow rate option depend on what household it is suitable for. So if in need keep in mind the Bosch Electronic Highflow 21e as it is one of a kind!

Main features and benefits:

  • Continuous flow technology
  • A small compact design
  • Models are capable of utilising up to 4 temperature controllers
  • 1-3 bathroom capability
  • 50 degree limited models available
  • External installation
  • Bosch Electronic Highflow 21e is solar compatible without the need for a solar transfer valve
  • 3 year warranty on labour and parts
  • 10 year warranty on heat exchanger


  • External installation
  • Ignition- electronic
  • Minimum operating inlet water pressure- 100kPa
  • Maximum inlet water pressure 1000kPa
  • Minimum flow – 2.5
  • Minimum constant water pressure for max flow 130kPa
  • Gas type both LPG and Natural gas


  • Height- 520mm
  • Width- 350mm
  • Depth- 170mm
  • Carton weight- 19kg

Bosch Highflow 26E Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater


  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Compact design
  • 10 year warranty
  • Install up to 4 temperature controllers
  • Anti-frost
  • External installation
  • Electronic ignition



Height – 600 mm

Width – 350 mm

Depth – 170 mm

Weight- 22 kg

Number of bathrooms – 2-3

Water pressure:

Minimum – 1000kpa

Maximum – 1000kpa

Gas type:

LP gas and natural

Litres per minute – 26

Temperature controls – additional 4 controllers

Installation – external

Anti-frost – standard with unit

Ignition type – electronic

Electrical supply required – 230 VAC – 240V 50 Hz

Pipe connection sizes:

Natural gas – 20 mm (3/4”)

LP gas – 20 mm (3/4”)

Cold water – 20 mm (3/4”)

Hot water – 20 mm (3/4”)

With additional water temperature controllers you have the ability to adjust your shower and other water outlet temperatures to your preferred degree, this means you don’t have to fiddle with the hot water outlet to find the desired warmth.

Not only is the system good for your bath and showers, the high energy star rating means you’re not only saving our planet from carbon emissions but also saving your wallet from the usual pricey gas bills.

Bosch Hydropower Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater

The Bosch Hydropower Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water system is perfect for small families. The unit is small and compact meaning it does not get in the way of everyday living. It comes in neutral colours and is externally installed meaning it does not draw to much attention. The Bosch Gas Continuous flow Hydropower hot water system unit consumes no gas or electricity when it is not in use! The user control allows you to adjust the temperature and water flow to suit you!

Reliable 10 year warranty means you will never be let down and always have hot water no matter what the situation. The Bosch Gas Continuous flow Hydropower hot water system is one of the best on the markets for small households and is defiantly perfect for people who are environmentally friendly!


  • Ignition- heats the water only when required
  • Installation is external
  • Reliable source of hot water
  • 10 year warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • 10, 13 and 16 litres all –LPG and Natural gas
  • Maximum inlet water pressure 800kPa


  • Weight
    • 10H- 21KG
    • 13H- 22KG
    • 16H- 25KG
  • Depth
    • 10H- 265mm
    • 13H-265mm
    • 16H- 265mm
  • Width
    • 10H- 405mm
    • 13H-405mm
    • 16H-460mm
  • Height
    • 10H-845mm
    • 13H-845mm
    • 16H-460mm

Bosch OptiFlow with Bluetooth Gas Continuous Flow

Features for Each Size (3 Sizes):

16 Litres, 20 Litres, 26 Litres

With its continous water flow this fantastic hot water system is the ideal hot water heater for a non problematic and undisturbed shower.

Optiflow with bluetooth16ltr20ltr26ltr
Bluetooth YesYesYes
Star Rating6 Stars6 Stars6 Stars
Compatible with solarYesYesYes
Temperature ControllersUp to 3 temperature+ bluetooth with app installedUp to 3 temperature + bluetoothwith app installedUp to 3 temperature + bluetoothwith app installed
Maximum TemperaturePreset at 55°C and 70°C maxPreset at 55°C and 70°C maxPreset at 55°C and 70°C
50°C  Models AvailableYesYesYes
Gas: Maximum Gas Consumption122 Mj/h149 Mj/h199 Mj/h
Gas: Minimum Gas Supply Pressure – NG1.13 kPa1.13 kPa1.13 kPa
Gas: Minimum Gas Supply Pressure – LPG2.75 kPa2.75 kPa2.75 kPa
Water: Maximum Pressure 1000 kPa1000 kPa1000 kPa
Water: Minimum Pressure100 kPa100 kPa100 kPa
Water: Minimum Pressure, Maximum Performance300 kPa300 kPa300 kPa
Water: Minimum Water Flow2 L/min2 L/min2 L/min
Water: L/ min at 25°C Temperature Rise16 L/min20 L/min26 L/min
Water: Maximum


Electric: Power Supply 230 / 240 Vac230 / 240 Vac230 / 240 Vac
Electric: Frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Electric: Power Consumption – Normal Opteration57 W57 W70 W

Bosch Pilot Ignition Water Wizard Continuous Flow Gas Water Heater

The Bosch Gas Continuous flow pilot ignition is perfect for smaller household, such as households with 1- 2 bathrooms. The hot water system is an external so it is out of the way of everyday living. The Bosch Gas Continuous flow pilot ignition come in standard colours so it does not stand out and draw attention. The Bosch Gas Continuous flow pilot ignition is environmentally friendly and is the perfect hot water system for your house!


  • Non-stop hot water
  • Compact and small design
  • Installation is external
  • 10 years heat exchange warranty
  • Environmentally friendly


  • 10 and 16 litre – external installation
  • 10 and 16 litre- ignition both pilot
  • Litres per minute
    • 10litre – 10
    • 16 litre:16
  • Number of bathrooms
    • 10 Litre- 1 bathroom
    • 16 Litre 1-2 bathrooms
  • Maximum inlet water pressure- 1200 for both
  • Minimum inlet water pressure
    • 10 litre – 30kPa
    • 16 litre- 50 kPa
  • Star Rating
    • 10 Litre- 4.6
    • 16 Litre 4.3
  • Gas Type
    • 10 Litre- NG/LPG
    • 16 Litre- NG


  • Height
    • 10 Litre- 845mm
    • 16 Litre-936mm
  • Width
    • 10 litre – 405mm
    • 16 Litre-460mm
  • Depth
    • 10 Litre 265mm
    • 16 Litre 265mm