Aquamax 20 litre Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

Product features:

  • External unit
  • LPG or Natural gas
  • Temperature controller (optional)
  • 10 years warranty
  • 20L per minute flow rate


  • Height- 520mm
  • Width- 350mm
  • Depth- 592mm
  • Weight- 18kg
  • Maximum water supply pressure – 1000kPa
  • Minimum water supply pressure- 140kPa
  • Hot & cold water connection- Rp20 (3/4) Female

The Aquamax gas continuous flow 20L comes with brackets so it is able to be mounted to the wall externally or even in a recess box so it is out of the way an does not look out of place. The neutral colour box means that the hot water system does not stand out or draw attention. With the continuous flow that Aquamax gas hot water system is reliable for all households.

Aquamax continuous flow gas hot water systems also have the option of an adjustable temperature controller, meaning you can set different temperatures for different rooms. You can have warm kitchen water and hot shower water. This gives you the option to set the temperature to what is suitable for you and the others in the household. The Aquamax continuous flow gas hot water system are a fantastic option when you need a compact energy efficient hot water system.

Aquamax 250L Stainless Steel Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

The Aquamax stainless steel electric storage hot water system is a 5 star water heater, is compact, easily installed and able to blend with the features of your home providing a modern look with its stainless steel cylinder. This unit is built to last and is designed for the harsh weather conditions for both the suburbs and rural households around Australia.


  • Reliable Electric 250L hot water delivery
  • Extra corrosion resistant steel cylinder
  • Energy efficient
  • Up to 50% lighter
  • No anode- less cost and maintenance
  • 10 year cylinder warranty and 1 year parts and labour warranty
  • Dual handled available


  • Made in Australia
  • Categories: Storage Systems
  • Brand: Aquamax
  • Model: 991250G7
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Number of Elements: Single or twin available
  • Storage Capacity (L): 250
  • Number of People – Continuous 4, 5, 6
  • Energy Consumption (kWh/year): 3.6
  • Installation Position: In Cupboard, Inside Open Site, Outside Open Site, Under Bench, Under House, Under Stairs, Wall Brackets
  • Product Height (cm)143.5
  • Product Width (cm)62.0
  • Product Depth (cm)62..0

Aquamax 26 litre Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater


5.9 star energy rating

  • 10 year warranty
  • Compatible with Natural or LPG gas
  • 26litres per minute
  • Energy efficient
  • Temperature control (optional)



Height – 565 mm

Width – 350 mm

Depth – 205 mm

Flow rate – 26 litres per minute (L/minute @ 25 degree rise)

Minimum operating flow rate – 3.0 Litre/minute

Weight – 21kg

Installation – external

Water supply pressure:

Minimum – 140 kpa

Maximum – 1000 kpa


Hot – Rp20 (3/4”) Female

Cold – Rp20 (3/4”) Female

Gas – Rp20 (3/4”) Female

Gas consumption – 199 Mj/Hr

Pre-set temperature – 50/60 degrees Celsius

Continuous flow hot water heaters constantly provide hot water for your home. They come with optional convenient temperature controls allowing you the ability to personally adjust the temperature of the water heater.

With accessories such as recess boxes and covers for exposed pipework the hot water heater will not only provide your home with hot water but it will look stylish. Its compact design means the heater can be installed into confined spaces. The unit will fit flush against your wall for a seamless installation.

Aquamax 315L Electric Storage Vitreous Enamel Hot Water Heater

Aquamax Electric Storage 315L Vitreous Enamel suits both metro and reginal areas throughout Australia. The Aquamax Electric Storage 315L Vitreous Enamel is in house factory tested, this is to ensure that all systems meet the perfect standards for both indoor and outdoor systems. The Aquamax Electric Storage 315L Vitreous Enamel is one of the most popular on the market and most defiantly one of the most reliable for households with larger families!

Main product features:

  • Electric 315L delivery
  • Vitreous enamel tanks
  • Duel inlet and outlet
  • Twin elements are available
  • Can be installed internal or external
  • 7 year cylinder warranty
  • 1 year warranty parts and labour
  • Voltage 240Vac
  • Maximum supply pressure with expansion control valve 680kPa
  • Maximum supply pressure without expansion control valve 800kPa
  • Pressure and temp relief valve 1000kPa
  • Protection rating IP24

Electric Specifications:

  • Number of people serviced 4- 6
  • Off peak/ night rate 2-4
  • Hot water delivery 315 Litres
  • Weight – 97kg
  • Maximum loading 3600Watts
  • Heating element lower 3600Watts

Aquamax Electric Storage 125L Stainless Steel Hot Water Heater

The Aquamax electric storage stainless steel comes in a variety of tank sizes so there is one to suit every house hold. There is models from 80L to 315L so whether the family and household be small or large there is always one suitable. The Aquamax electric storage 125L stainless steel can be installed both inside and outside of the home meaning it does not get in the way of everyday life. The stainless steel colour means that the hot water system will blend in with other applications.


  • 125L delivery
  • 10 year warranty!
  • Stainless steel
  • No anode
  • The cylinder is up to 50% lighter
  • Energy efficient
  • Installation both inside and outside


  • Weight empty – 30Kg
  • Dual handed available
  • Thermostat setting max- 75 degrees
  • Voltage- 240 VAC
  • ECV Setting- 1200kPa
  • Pressure and temp relief valve- 1400kPa

Maximum supply pressure:

  • With expansion control valve- 960kPa
  • Without expansion control valve- 1120kPa

Aquamax Electric Storage 125L Vitreous Enamel Hot Water Heater


  • Electric 125litre delivery
  • Vitreous enamel tank
  • Internal and external installation
  • 5 year cylinder warranty
  • Dual inlets and outlets
  • Dual PTR Valve Fittings
Model specifications125litre
Number of serviceable people2-3 (exceeding minimum energy performance standards)
Hot water delivery125litre (single phase)
Dual handed availableYes (without expansion valve)
Warranty5 years
Protection rating set at maximumIP 24
Dual inlets and outletsYes
Exceeds minimum energy performance standards by20%
Maximum supply pressure960kpa (with expansion control valve) 1120 (without expansion control)
Thermostat setting75deg
Voltage (single phase)240 vac
Electrical safety approvalNo: WMKA00200/120769
ECV setting1200kpa
Pressure and temperature relief valve1400 kpa

Aquamax Electric Storage 160L Squat Vitreous Enamel Water Heater

The best part about the Aquamax 160litre squat vitreous enamel electric storage system is that it is packed and efficient. You can rely on it for quality and durability as it is backed by a great FIVE year warranty. It is the system that will get you the benefits of a larger hot water system without the bulky look of a large hot water system. This perfect system can be both used for replacing an existing unit or installation in a new property.


  • Electric 160L (squat)
  • Vitreous enamel tank
  • Dual inlets and outlets
  • Internal/external installation
  • Designed for small spaces with height restrictions
Model specifications160Litre System
Number people serviceable2-4
Hot water delivery/litre160
Weight/kg (empty)63
Dual handed availableyes
Warranty5 years
Protection ratings at maximum thermostatIP 24
Electrical safety approval Number22405

Aquamax Electric Storage 160L Stainless Steel Hot Water Heater

The Aquamax 160L stainless steel hot water system can be stalled both inside and outside of homes, this means that it can be installed out of the way. The Stainless Steele colour means it will blend with other household appliances. The Aquamax name is well known throughout Australia as a reliable brand, the lengthy warranty is also another bonus to keep your mind at rest. Supply water to thousands of Australian residents the Aquamax electric storage 160L stainless steel is one of the better options.


  • 160L delivery
  • 10 year warranty!
  • Stainless steel
  • 50% lighter
  • No anode
  • Services 2-4 people
  • Services 2+ bathrooms
  • Inside and outside installation


  • Weight- 40kg
  • Voltage- 240Vac
  • Pressure and temp relief valve- 1400kPa
  • ECV setting – 1200kPa
  • Thermostat setting max – 75 degrees

Maximum supple pressure:

  • With expansion control valve – 960kPa
  • Without Expansion control Valve- 1120kPa

Aquamax Electric Storage 250L Vitreous Enamel Hot Water Heater

The award winning Aquamax high efficiency electric hot water system provides you and your family with non-stop hot water. They fantastic systems are built using the latest technology! These Aquamax Electric Storage 250L Vitreous enamel hot water system are suitable for all types of areas whether it be metropolitan or reginal areas in Australia. The Aquamax Electric Storage 250L Vitreous enamel provide every size family with endless supplies of water. The cylinder shapped hot water system means no sharp edges. The hot water system is able to be installed inside or out meaning that it’s never in the way of everyday life. The Aquamax Electric Storage 250L Vitreous enamel is a beige colour meaning it does not stand out and draw to much attention. The hot water system is and award winning hot water system meanings it is voted one of the best and is one of the most reliable for you and your family.

Product features:

  • 250 Litre electric delivery
  • Vitreous enamel tank
  • Dual outlet and inlets
  • Twin element are available
  • Installation for both internal and external
  • 7 year cylinder warranty
  • 1 year warranty parts and labour
  • 3 – 5 people serviced
  • Hot water delivery 240VAC
  • Weight empty 76Kg
  • Dual Handed available- yes – 800 kPa
  • Protection Rating IP24 Thermostat setting max 70 degrees
  • Voltage- 240VAC

Electric Specifications:

  • Off peak/ night rate1-3
  • Hot water delivery 250Litres
  • Boost Capacity (twin elements)- 50 Litres
  • Weight- 76KG
  • Maximum loading- 3600 Watts
  • Heating Element upper- 3600Watts